Secrets of a Business Broker! Part 1

Secrets of a Business Broker! Part 1

My 14th Anniversary as a business broker is coming up in November. Whilst it is not really a long time in most professions it is considered a very long time in the Real Estate and Business Agents circles. Certainly I will not be writing my memoirs just yet like all ex footballers do!

So what have I learned that makes me a valuable consultant to a client? An agent that adds value to the relationship and helps the client achieve their goals of a successful sale or the acquisition of a profitable and dynamic business.

The first thing is that every sale is different.

Whilst on the surface they may look the same, a little scratching reveals more relevant information that assists in the process of selling a business. So, I have learned you have to delve into a business to do a good job as a broker. Each month we seem to find additional items for our questionnaires. What started out as 6 pages is now 12 and does not look like stopping.

Parts 2 & 3 to come shortly.

Cheers for now


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