Real Benefits of Buying a Business Part 3

Real Benefits of Buying a Business Part 3

My top 5 reasons for owning your own business (continued)

beyond the income it can generate for you and your family.


4. Flexibility is what makes owning a business very desirable. Work long hours and make more, work no hours and take a dividend.

5. Selling your business at the end. You reap the rewards for your hard work in the form of a lump sum sale value for your business. This is part of the overall plan and must be carefully managed along the way. I have sold businesses with a significant good will component. This “extra” reflects the extra value the owner has added to the business over the years.


So if you want to make better money than wages, be home every night, control your destiny and get the ultimate satisfaction of doing it your way then buy a business.

Remember there are 2,000,000 small businesses operating in Australia, with 600,000 of these in the 1 to 4 employee category…..  worth thinking about eh! Sounds to me that Australia is the land of the self employed


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