Why do I need a Conveyancer (Settlement Agent) for the purchase of real estate? PART 2

Using the information from the various enquiries, the Conveyancer will prepare the all-important ‘Transfer of Land’ document.

On your behalf the Conveyancer will also arrange for the assessment of Duty to be lodged & paid through the Office of State Revenue.  .

Your Conveyancer will also provide you with an outline of the costings involved in your transaction.  This includes allowances for the adjustment of any Rates to ensure that each party pays the portion of rates that they are liable for, including the clearance of any arrears.

The most important role of the Conveyancer though, is to ensure that you as the Client are continually kept up to date with the progress of your deal.  This is what differentiates the good Conveyancers from the rest – Service

Thanks Graeme of Quest Conveyancing for your article on the need for a conveyancer for the purchase of real estate.

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