Why Don’t You Provide More Information In Your Advertisements? Part 2

As a buyer how would you feel if you purchased a business and then discovered that the figures of the business had been handed over to anyone who requested them? You’d probably feel quite insecure about the potential problems associated with this scenario.


So as a buyer how do I find a business that will suit me when the advertisement doesn’t tell me a great deal?

The best way we can help you is if you make an appointment to sit down over a cup of coffee and we get to know each other. We want to get to know you, find out what you’re looking to do and achieve. In discovering this we’ll be able to develop a very good understanding of the type of business that will suit your needs. Then we can keep in contact with you and advise you when a business becomes available that appears to suit what you’re after. You’ll then be presented with businesses that are fresh on the market and you’ll be in the box seat to find your perfect business.


As always please feel welcome to contact us should you have any questions about buying a business.

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