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Market Update
The business sales market is very buoyant at present. My guess is that the mining industry is shrinking staff wise and those people are now looking to find a business that can match their usual incomes, as wages wont. Add to this the very low borrowing rates and a banking industry that is now looking very favourably on small business and it makes for a great time to sell into. Old golden rule “always sell into strength”.
August (and July) is a little sleepy for us as we wait for the 2014 financial statements from seller’s accountant’s. Those early birds who have planned for this are in the box seat to be on the radar of genuine buyers. Still, that said we have currently over a $1.0m of businesses under offer and a lot of interest in others.
Buyers need to be “buyer ready” to enter the market, I will cover this in more detail on my next blog.

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