Daily Sealed and Delivered

Daily Sealed and Delivered

Are you Buyer Ready?

So you want to buy a business. Could you enter a contract today? Now? , if the answer is no then you are not buyer ready. And you need to be as the process of buying a business is competitive , you are competing to buy the best business at the best price. Like anything a small amount of planning can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Some questions for you to get things started.

Who is going to make the offer, you, a partnership, a company a trust?

Have you qualified yourself for finance? Do you know what the bank will require from you to lend you the money needed?

What date do you want to take over?

Are your advisors available and ready to assist you straight after an offer is made and accepted?

And a few bigger questions such as:

Are you certain being a business owner is the way to go?

Are all the family with you on the decision?

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