Healthy Food Business FOR SALE Partially Managed in Margaret River

Healthy Food Business FOR SALE Partially Managed in Margaret River

  • Price: $100,000
  • Location: Margaret River
  • Profit: $103,256
  • Ref No: 755


MARGARET RIVER/Monday to Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday

Very easy to operate with one part time owner, working 6-8 hours a week (2 hours a day to set up 9am – 11am Monday to Thursday) and 3 casual staff as required.  Only basic food skills needed as the business specialises in healthy food made fresh each morning.

This is your opportunity to get on board the Sushi and Boba/ Bubble Tea experience. Nothing in food makes the same profit margins, and yes, this business has a Sushi machine to roll the nori rolls! Better still, it could be fully staffed to give a new owner complete freedom with exceptional profits as the owner only works 2 hours a day.

If you like serving repeat daily customers, helping with catering and care for what people eat and how it should be packaged then this is a must for you.

Staff arrive at 6am to prepare for the day and close about 4pm, owner usually arrives 9am to help set up and get ready for the day, typical hours is about 2 hours a day.  Shop opens at 11am. Monday to Friday only NO WEEKENDS. Small seating area inside and out the front of the shop.

Exceptional Profit Margins and low wages costs make this a high profit and very low overhead business.

Owners’ duties are limited to customer service and help with preparation as required, plus small amount of administration for wages and paying accounts.

Long lease on very favourable terms makes this the ideal business for either a new business buyer or a buyer seeking to find a business model that can be duplicated.

Your choice, keep on running it the same way and live the dream of making big profits with short hours or take it up a few more notches and open later for evening meals or role up your sleeves up and crank it up 2 levels by opening Saturday and Sunday. Get the marketing cranked way up but be warned you will need to be prepared for the queues out the door!!!

This is a unique business with a presentation unique to not only Margaret River but the South West of Western Australia as it offers a real Japanese Sushi Train set up (currently suspended but all installed ready to get up and running again) and a beautiful fit- out that takes you to Japan in an instant!

This business netted over $100,000 for the 12 months to 30 6 2021 and that was through the road works and the restrictions for covid, this year is showing exceptional profits. Current Year profits are higher and sales are up over 70% for the six months to 31st Dec 2021

Business  $100,000

(includes goodwill, extensive fit-out and equipment and stock)


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